Advantages of developing website in wordpress

WordPress is a php opensource software which was started for building blogging websites and related purposes initially. Today wordpress is being  widely used in building websites ranging from small personal websites to big e commerce websites.The main attraction  of wordpress is that it is opensource, which means completely free to download and use. In this article i wish to list out the points on why this cms is best for developing a website in the user and developer point of view.
1)  Responsive friendly website design
      The wordpress website which we get after the installation has a responsive design. It will be compatible with all the devices  including laptop, desktop, notebook, mobile. All the other inactive themes also have  a responsive design. In most cases the users will either purchase the theme or develop a new theme. All those themes in the market satisfies the responsive website design.
2) Search Engine Optimization  Friendly
WordPress sites are free of any html errors, hence they are helpful for onpage seo. Many people seems to consider wordpress for their site development because of its assistance in search engine optimization. Apart from that wordpress have so many free and paid plugins which assists in onpage seo.
One of the major seo plugin is Yoast, which provides free and premium services.
3) WordPress is Economical
Website development in wordpress is cost effective as the basic site is created in a simple installation process. A developer will not have to develop many functionalities like listing of posts, video integration etc as it have the support of many plugins. All these assistance eventually saves the effort and time of the development which helps the developer to offer the website services in a much better rate.
4) Userfriendly Dashboard
This cms have a very friendly dashboard. Any user who have a minimum knowledge in Internet. can access the dashboard with a username and password. The items listed in the dashboard are very easy understand to even to a basic internet user. Every users can edit the site from the back end. If the theme of the site have a builder, then the user can easily edit the front end as well.