Digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs in Kerala

For the past 10 years india in general and kerala in particular witnessed the change in the marketing strategy of products. Most services/products are using digital marketing techniques to reach out to their potential customers. But infact many business people are clueless about how to do the marketing more effeciently and hence some ‘so called digital marketing professionals’ who actually cannot bring a significant results are making advantage of the innocent gullible business people. This made many of the entrepreneurs stop the online marketing and stick to their old ways again. This article tries to shed some light on how effectively the business owners can try digital marketing by themselves.
1. Mailchimp
Mailchimp is a leading email marketing technology. Email marketing is similar to the offline marketing strategies like fliers distribution. This is a strategy which does not need any prerequisite and can be implemented at the earliest.  It is one the best methods to get clients in the early stage of the business.
2. Google Analytics
Google analytics is a product from google which is one of the basic digital marketing tool used after the completion of a website. Every website will get its unique google analytics code which is to be pasted in the allotted portion of the html code. It is mainly considered as a website traffic monitoring tool. It helps the users to analyze the recorded data of the traffic which includes the type of  visit, city from where the visit came and other minor details which can be used by the website to re plan the marketing strategy.
3. Trello
Trello iis a tool that will help in planning the strategy by including a team of social marketers. For instance if a blog posted is to reviewed before publising, trello can be used  to gets corrections and opinions from the fellow team members. Earlier these kind of tasks were done by communication with email. Not only this, everything that comes under the social media marketing can be reviewed the executed by using Trello.