Places to visit in Munnar in 2 days

Munnar is one of the most visited hill stations in the whole south asia. This place has visitors throughout the year irrespective of offseason or season. Every sightseeing center in Munnar  is located far away from each other. Due to this it will take up to 2 to 3 days to cover the entire munnar.
Munnar is the meeting point of three rivers including muthirappuzha, Nallathanni, Kundala. Munnar is located about 1800 feet above sea level. The temperature varies between 9 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius. The main attractions in  Munnar are the neelakkurunji flowers, Nilghiri Thar, Tea estates and the cool climate.

Echo Point

As the name implies echo point is a place where anyone can generate an echo for their loud sound. On the way to the echo point there are many shops which sell toys for children and home made chocolates. In order to enter into the echo point , an entrance fee of 10 rupees is to be paid. There is a separate counter to purchase the ticket for boating and it costs 300 Rupees. A big number of fruit vendors are there to sell a large variety of fruits. Echo point have a pivotal role among the tourist attractions in munnar. The main attractions in the echo point are the large lake, boating, eucalyptus trees and the mountains..

Mattupetty Dam Lake 

The construction of the mattupetty dam was started on 1949  and the purpose was to preserve water for producing electricty.The main attraction in the mattupetty dam is boating. The cost of boating is around 300 for 2 people. Most of the boats used here are pedal boats. Another attraction in the dam are water bikes. It is an ideal option for those who likes adventure. The dam is built in the river muthirapuzha , which is a part of periyar.


Kanthallor is a place located near to munnar town. The tourism aspect of kanthallor is not very much utilised yet. The major attraction of kanthallor are the fruits farms which contains fully ripened apples and oranges. The other major attraction is the jaggery which is produced locally, popularly called as marayoor sharkara.The crops which are seen in kanthallor are not very common in  the rest of kerala. The beautiful landscapes , cool weather and the nearness to the munnar town made this place a popular tourist destination.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam national park is only 7km away from the munnar town. This national park was started mainly to preserve the endangered species named ‘Nilgiri Thar’. Apart from this the fauna includes lion-tailed macaques, wild deer’s and the indian bison named ‘Gaur’. The kerala forest department have started bus services to explore this park. The bus service is held between 7:30 am in the morning to 4 pm in the evening. However it is better to visit this place before 10 am.
During the mating season of ‘Nilgiri thar’, the entry to this park is completely restricted. So it is always good to inquire in advance before visiting the park.It is possible to book the entry ticket in advance through online. There is a stall by the forest department for the travelers named as ‘Tahr Shop’. It will take up to 2-3 hours to complete the visit.


Vattavada is a border village between the state of kerala and tamil nadu. Majority of the people in this village are descendants of tamil people who flew from tamil Nadu to Kerala during the invasion of Tippu Sultan. Hence the people have a mixed culture and speak in a mixture of tamil and malayalam. Vattavada is the special agricultural zone of munnar.
About 2235 families reside in Vattavada and the total  farming landing extends upto 3500 hetres where the vegetables and fruits are grown. The main highlight about the farming in vattavada is that the vegetables are cultivated in slopes. Farming is done three times a year. Majority of  people have agricultural land in acres. At the same time there are also people who cultivate in  leased land.

  Top station

Top Station is located about 32 km away from munnar town.This place under the control of government of Tamil nadu. On  the way to the top station there are many shops which  sells  products that are made from the cottage industries.
Most of the days it is impossible to see the view from the top station due to the fog. Neelakurunji flowers are seen in abundance in this place. The best time to visit top station is from April and may. Regular bus services are there from munnar town to the top station.