Places to visit in Thekkady with Family

Periyar wildlife sanctuary

Periyar wildlife sanctuary is one of  the most famous tourist attractions in thekkady. It has a very diverse flora and fauna. It is mainly popular for its elephant reserve and tiger reserve.
This area was declared periyar national park in 1982.The main attraction of this place is the herd of elephants that visits the lake for drinking water.


Murikkady is well known for the plantations of a variety of spices including pepper, cardamom. It is located about 5km away from the thekkady town. Whoever visit this place could sense the aroma of various spices. It is an ideal location to visit along with family.

Periyar Lake

Periyar lake is a man made lake that was setup during the construction of mullapperiyar dam in 1895.The best way to explore periyar tiger reserve is to take boating in the periyar lake.It not only calms your mind, but also you can witness the magnificent view of the jungle in a good manner. A large varieties of wild animals can can be seen during the boating, mostly herd of elephants.


vandanmedu is a high range place famous for cardamom cultivation. Fertile land and favorable climate is the main reason for cardamom plantations in this area.This place is encircled by thick forest and mountains. It was the British who found the potentiality of this place for cardamom cultivation.


Pandikuzhi is a gorgeous hill station located just about 5km from away from thekkady town.  Various private resorts offer guided trekking through the lush cardamom plantations. It is located between chellarkovil waterfalls and Tamil nadu border.

Jungle Patrol

Jungle patrol will give any traveler an unmatched experience. It is one of must do things in the thekkady. The trekking through the jungle will take part at night between 7 pm and 4 am. Only 8 visitors are permitted in one time slot and the time span is limited to 3 hours.The visitors will have the protection of one armed forest guard and 2 protection watchers.

Mangla Devi Temple

Mangala devi temple is a sacred place for people from both kerala and tamil nadu. It is believed that it is an ancient temple which is approximately 1000 years old.The deity in the temple is mangala devi. The temple will be opened only during the chitrapournami festival.


Kumily is a high range area located near to thekkady. It is well known for its cardamom plantations. It is a ideal tourist destination due to its lush greenery and cool climate. There are a lots of view points in kumily. Ottakathalamedu is one of such view point located about 4.5km away from kumily town. In 2014 a watchtower made here to enjoy the view from top. There is helipad setup in this viewpoint. Helicopter services are conducted to and fro munnar.


Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting is one of  the community based eco tourism programmes in thekkady. The tickets for bamboo rafting can be booked in advance from the ticket counter. Bamboo rafting can be done either half day or full day based on the convenience of the traveler. After taking the tickets the travelers can wait in the shed until the bamboo raft arrives. A bag which contains food and water are provided by the organizers. Full day bamboo rafting is conducted between 8 am to 5pm. Half day bamboo rafting starts at 7.30 am and ends at 12.30pm. Travelers will have to walk about 5.5 km from the shed to reach the lake for bamboo raft.


Elephant Ride

Elephant ride is one of the top attractions in thekkady.The elephant used is a domesticated one.So the riders don’t need to worry about anything.The presence of a trained mahout will be there throughout the ride.The ride will take place for about half an hour.A  large seat named howdah is setup on top of the elephants so that the riders can enjoy the ride in full comfort.

Tiger Trail

Tiger trail is the most thrilling activity in the thekkady. The trekking will be guided by  trained personnel’s who were used  to be poachers sometime ago. The guides will help the trekking members to spot the tiger. Apart from the tourists the trekking team consists of two forest officials and five guides.
Throughout the trail the guides will inform the trekking members about the forest and animals. Their experience and knowledge about the forest will keep the members safe throughout the trail.


Boating on the periyar lake

Boating on periyar lake is inevitable for any travelers visiting the thekkady. If the boating tickets are booked online, standing on the long queue in in front of  the ticket counter can be avoided. Tickets can be booked  before 2-3  weeks in advance by visiting the website ‘’. Both Kerala forest department and Kerala tourism department provides their own boat services separately here. Life jacket is compulsory during the boating. During the boating a guide will give instruction first, then will describe about the ideal time to take part in the boating. Animals can be seen in the lake shore mostly during the  afternoon. The boating duration is 1.5 hours.