Why  onpage seo is crucial in the website development ?

Seo plays a pivotal role in the success of any website. A mere website alone will help in building the online presence, but it may not attract business leads like you wish.Most people think of link building when they hear the term ‘seo’. But infact seo is a vast subject and the first thing to be noted in the seo is the optimization of website, onpage seo. Here are the list of onpage seo practices   and the respective plugins to implement it while designing a website.

1. Unique content and xml site maps

Unique content is the basic onpage technique to be noted on a new website. Ever content being generated should be checked with an plagiarism checker to avoid duplication. This is a very important thing to be noted as content marketing is one of the key ingredients in the organic seo in the recent days.
XML sitemaps is another basic requirement in seo. It tells the search engine about which pages in the site are to be indexed.
Both these seo techniques can be implemented in a wordpress site using a plugin named Yoast seo. Yoast is available in free as well as premium version.

2. Optimization of  Content for the search Engine

Creating unique content alone is not enough for better ranking. The content should be optimized for the search engines. The title and the content of a blog post should contain the keywords which are being targeted by the website. However the keywords should not exceed a limit as it also will affect the seo badly.
The ‘SEO FRAMEWORK’ plugin helps in achieving this purpose in wordpress.

3. Fixing of google errors

When google indexes a particular web page, it finds out many errors. Fixing all these errors are the things on practicing the basic seo. Man people use so man tools to find out the errors. WordPress have a plugin to find out the google errors more efficiently named ‘Rank Math’.Rank Math is also used to find out for which all keywords the site is ranking.